Hey visitor, welcome to my text homepage! I'm not a graphic designer, so this page is "very" simple :-)
I'm a talented software developer, freelancer and CEO of an own company, with more than 20 years of experience.

I'm available for hiring!
Just write me an mail with your job / project. Hiring me is very uncomplicated and depending of how intersting your offer is, money may not the most important question. For contact details, check the end of the page.

Checkout my curriculum vitae (CV).

My Projects:
- stne.net SpaceTrek: The New Empire, a browser game
- touchtyper.net A touch typing learning application
- colorizer.org A color picker with lots of conversions
Co-developer of:
- sharpkit.net Open Source C# to Javascript compiler (Project at Github)

Developing the control software for a swiss company, that produces chess computers.

Previously i was a core developer of the idea management software "Trevios" of enobis Ideenmanagement GmbH, wich is now used by big companies like Bosch, Ratiohparm, Wieland:
trevios.com Trevios Ideenmanagement

My skills:
- C#, VB.NET, HTML, Javascript, SQL
- Basic knowledge in Delphi(Object Pascal), PHP, C++, Java
- Scaleable, object orientated software archtiecture
- Developing of complex Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
- Repairing of computers / fixing of computer problems
- Proficient in English

My online profiles:
- GitHub
- Stackoverflow
- Facebook

Do I have also hobbies? Yes, of course! I practise the martial art Wing Tsun and I also love to make music (piano, guitar, flute[various])

Date of Foto: December 2019

Sebastian Loncar, born in 1983, married

"Changes scare us most for the reason that they throw us out of our usual comfort zone."
- A quote from Helga Schäferling, German Pedagogue.

Contact and Imprint:
Saseler Chaussee 50
22391 Hamburg
eMail: sebastian . loncar [at] gmail . com