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Hey visitor, welcome to my text homepage! I'm not a graphic designer, so this page is "very" simple :-)
Jobwise i'm software developer and computer repair service operator of an own company, with many years of experience and online merchant.

My services:
- pc-service-loncar.de Mobile computer repair service
- linux-service.net Installations-Serivce for linux

My Projects:
- stne.net SpaceTrek: The New Empire, a browser game
- touchtyper.net A touch typing learning application
- colorizer.org A color picker with lots of conversions
Co-developer of:
- sharpkit.net Open Source C# to Javascript compiler (Project at Github)

Developing the control software for a swiss company, that produces chess computers.

Previously i was a core developer of the idea management software "Trevios" of enobis Ideenmanagement GmbH, wich is now used by big companies like Bosch, Ratiohparm, Wieland:
trevios.com Trevios Ideenmanagement

My skills:
- C#, VB.NET, HTML, Javascript, SQL
- Basic knowledge in Delphi(Object Pascal), PHP, C++, Java
- Scaleable, object orientated software archtiecture
- Developing of complex Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
- Repairing of computers / fixing of computer problems
- Proficient in English

My online profiles:
- Google+
- Facebook
- GitHub

My blog: english german

Do I have also hobbies? Yes, of course! I practise the martial art Wing Tsun and I also love to make music (piano, guitar, flute[various])

Date of Foto: May 2011

Sebastian Loncar, born in 1983, in a relation

"Changes scare us most for the reason that they throw us out of our usual comfort zone."
- A quote from Helga Schäferling, German Pedagogue.

Contact and Imprint:
Storchenweg 28
46499 Hamminkeln
eMail: sebastian . loncar [at] gmail . com